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Eröffne Deinen eigenen Coffee Shop und verwöhne Deine Kunden mit ausgezeichnetem Kaffee. Schaffst Du es, die Kaffee-Metropole an Dich zu reißen​? Backe, backe Kuchen! In Coffee Shop erlebst du eine ganz eigene Art von Gegen-die-Zeit-Spaß! Lege verschiedene Lagen zu leckeren Torten für Deine. Everyone needs a coffee break! Run the best coffee shop in the world by serving your clients with delicious meals and beverages. But you have to be fast. Coffee Shop 2. 9,99 €. Die Fortsetzung des erfolgreichen Gegen-die-Zeit Spiels wartet mit viel Arbeit auf Dich. Own Coffee Shop. Own Coffee Strip for today, Senior Lovebirds final chapter! You can read it from Own Games official website, and inside the game too!

Coffee Shop Game

Everyone needs a coffee break! Run the best coffee shop in the world by serving your clients with delicious meals and beverages. But you have to be fast. "Coffee Shop" ist ein witziges Online-Game, in dem Sie als Besitzer eines kleinen Straßencafés in 14 Tagen möglichst viel Profit machen sollen. Own Coffee Shop. Own Coffee Strip for today, Senior Lovebirds final chapter! You can read it from Own Games official website, and inside the game too! Premium beans are used to purchase Icons. Money: Exactly as it click at this page. Prepare and serve the required coffee type before the customer's waiting time exceeds. Graph anzeigen. In diesem Blogbeitrag erhalten See more weitere Informationen. Kompatibel mit Alle Betriebssysteme. Des weiteren werden Ihre Zuckervorräte nur zu gerne von Ameisen verspeist. Spiel starten. Hinzu kommen jedoch noch weitere Schwierigkeiten, die Sie vorab abwägen müssen. Steam installieren. Spiele Videos Spiele. Ihr Shop. Coffee Shop Game 40, play times Requires plugin. Informativ Von Simulation Tag Games 1. Nächster Eintrag in Dora's Cooking in La Check this out Flash. Icons increase the player's coffee beans "per click. Sprache ändern. Papa's Cheeseria Flash. Spiel starten. Game details.

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Coffee Shop Game Video

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Ähnliche Spiele. Kids Food Shop Flash. Juli Identify the desired coffee type of the customers. Über Valve Unternehmenslösungen Steamworks Jobs. Enthält 35 Steam-Errungenschaften. Black Cat Trick or Treat Flash. Registrieren Anmelden. Coffee Shop Game Spiele das kostenlose Spiel Coffee Shop Game auf! Klicken und das Spiel Coffee Shop Game kostenlos spielen! Wir haben die besten Gratisspiele. "Coffee Shop" ist ein witziges Online-Game, in dem Sie als Besitzer eines kleinen Straßencafés in 14 Tagen möglichst viel Profit machen sollen. Suchen Sie nach coffee shop game-Stockbildern in HD und Millionen weiteren lizenzfreien Stockfotos, Illustrationen und Vektorgrafiken in der. Von Simulation Tag Games 1. Juli "Simulation Tag Game". Einzelspieler. Profilfunktionen eingeschränkt. Titel: Clickable Coffee Shop.

You can see weekly behind-the-scenes pics and updates of all of the other games in development at ArmorGames Inc! Let us know what you think by dropping comments.

I'd love to hear what you have to say about our upcoming projects. Great addicting game! As someone said earlier, the trick is to go high end.

Most expensive recipe, start off with relatively cheaper prices bucks , then gradually raise them.

But when i submitted the high score No fair! It doesnt post money amounts above 1. I made ,15 dollar, but it registers as 0.

On the first day get 25 cups, 40 tsp of coffee, 40 cups of milk and 50 tsp of sugar. Next, make the tsp of coffee per cup 2.

After the first few days give more sugar, coffee and milk and raise the price. I find the fact that a strong creamy sweet cup of coffee is considered good quality by all people is kinda odd.

More odd than all people liking sweet fruity lemonade. In this game it would have been nice when the coffee could have been too sweet, or too creamy?

Or maybe when people just had different tastes? The pope comes way to much I got him on: 5, 7, 8, 9, 13 twice. It your be cool if there could be more special chracters.

The "Limited By" is a nice feature. Fix the price slider to hard to control quickly. Rep bar is to easy to max out, I got it on the 3rd or 4th day.

Fix the high scores. Good game other wise. I'm the Coffee Shop programmer. My sincere apologies for the bug in the high score table. It's fixed now!

And I, too, would like to make the price slider easier to control. I could make it bigger, I suppose. What do you think? I only managed to get the pope twice.

It wasn't a big whoop. Although, I did manage to do something that I personally found a lot more entertaining. If you sell your coffee with a really bad recipe.

Perhaps no sugar, minimal milk and a lot of coffee I don't remember how I did it exactly you can make your customers vomit.

My favorite is the little old lady. That entertained me for the remainder of the "day" since I couldn't change the recipe till the day ended.

I say give it a try, you might get a kick out of it. Um, yeah. I liked this one, once I finally figured out that "quality" to a game is not really what would be considered a good cup of coffee to all people i.

Que sera sera. Hi wendy. The high score table fix takes a little time to roll out via the server. It should get through early Monday.

I'm running Ubuntu with Firefox. Every time I try running Coffee Shop within the browser , I get a big panel that just says "Error" in the corner of it.

I get this using both adobe flash plugin and gnash plugin. Any thoughts? I'm sort of a linux newbie, just fyi.

I find it rather hard to get popularity below something. Much harder than getting to actually. It seems to happen because the rating is only influenced after someone bought coffee, not if the price is too high.

In other words, its rather hard to lose this game. Specifically, when I maxed out all the 'quality' sliders, giving a ratio of ingredients, buying should let me make ten cups, but it only let me make nine.

Also, fiddling with the sliders would sometimes indicate that the number of cups I could make was going up or down if I was adjusting the restricting ingredient even if the actual displayed value hadn't yet changed.

On a related note, I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't know if the 'best' recipe passes a sanity check: can you really make a beverage you'd call coffee with two whole cups of milk?

That seems like a lot. I sorta got hung up on this game. I like it. I got I wish there could be a "regret" button or something, for when you buy ekstra milk or something , and you suddenly see the consecuensens is that you cant buy any more cups or something like that.

Thanks for the reply Josh. Would it be possible for the weather to gradualy change, so you don't have 78 degrees one day and 20 the next.

I like the puking :. I know its random, so I think you should change that. Hi Crawford. The crazy "Error" message seems to come up for users who have older versions of the Adobe Flash Player installed.

Try upgrading to the latest version. However, I got lucky with a lot of cold days. I've had other rounds with mostly hot days and got screwed.

I've got the same error as Crawford, also running Ubuntu. I'm pretty sure I've got the most recent version of flash available for linux.

Appears in both Opera and Firefox :. Actually, it looks like I've got a newer version of Flash than is available for windows or mac: 9.

Infinite mode or even Days would be cool, but would definitely need more frills, like money to be spent on advertising, or buying a location with more foot traffic or a fridge for the milk or something.

Haha this game was funny! I took the vomiting advice and mixed it with the high income advice The pope vomited in his hat!

It was really interesting! Maybe it made him sick that he paid so much for it I somehow fluctuated between really expensive weak coffee with zero ingredients on a few cold days to start me out at the cost of getting a temporary bad rep, everyone vomiting at 5 dollars a cup or so and mixed it with really cheap 5 cents and yet really good quality coffees for the rest of the time.

Of course, I still made sure I earned enough to keep going around 80 or after the first few days. Really good coffee for 10 bucks can still make people vomit Anyways, in the end with this combination of overpriced good coffee thanks to my blessings of freezing cold starting days, the pope visiting of course thanks to my high rep grown by the ratio of low and high prices to control opinions vomited his ten dollar gourmet coffee with others in front of my stand on my last day :-D.

It seems that when a lot of customers are drinking in front of the stand, more customers are attracted to buy. Or is that just a glitch? I didn't see that as a joke, Jim.

I think many people in the US think that degrees can only mean Fahrenheit when, in fact, most other countries have adopted Celsius as the primary scale for all temperature measurement.

I got my rep up really high and got bored so I decided to play with the recipe. I made it an awful mix. At this point of course the Pope decides to show up!!

With all honestly, completely and truly, I think this game is extremely overrated. People keep saying it is polished or upgraded, but the only thing going for it really is that I guess it looks nice graphically, and I guess there are pretty graphs.

Although I do admit that the little things like the vomit and the popes are rather nice, I fail to see much that is polished or upgraded about it.

I mean, there is even less control on the few options left for us to control, what with the shiny sliders. I understand that the slider problem has been taken into consideration I think , but it was not the best idea!

I was amused by this game for about two playthroughs, but there's just so many things that are so not-great about this game, I don't see how it got popular at all when there have already been so many other better lemonade stand clones.

What's wrong with this game? Can anyone kindly direct me to a site where it is possible to play Try updating your Flash Player, and if that doesn't help, try disabling any extensions you may have running in your browser.

I usually don't mess with the recipe at this point because it sells and it's good for the reputation.

Great game! The only thing I would change is what is shown under 'inventory' during the day. I think it would be helpful to see how many more customers you can serve rather than the amount of everything you have left.

I really like this game! It'd be nice to be able to buy a fridge for the milk, and to be able to adjust the recipe during the day, plus maybe a few other upgrades, a longer run time, other locations, and a big one would be to be able to buy an iced coffee machine for hot days.

I would like it better if it weren't so spontaneous. Ill have the same recipe one day and they will love it, and then the next day, they hate it.

Please bring out a second upgraded version?! In order to get started with a good reputation, use a lot of milk, its cheap and the limit is pretty low, so first day buy 40 as use 2 cups.

Unfortunately the Pope never showed up. Though I did follow the Starbucks Style, and actually made it through the game.

So thanks for that. So now for some feedback. I think that you should have more diverse characters in the game. And also more options, like other coffee products like Ice-Capps and ect.

Well I played this game many times and my winning recipe is to put all the ingredients up and at first buy the most possible for each one.

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Coffee Shop. You'll Also Like This Game is in Playlists. Instructions Login to Earn XP. Purchase supplies, create your coffee recipe, set your price

Solve a whole new quest on every island. Collect food, research new technology, and build a world wonder, but source out for other civilizations! No minimum to No please click for source. Sickness recipe: Maxed out coffee and milk No sugar Price 7. High Scores Game Mode. Belly to the coffee cart for some piping hot fun and play today! Change language. Game Informer.