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The method was the same as above. Both of the results were evaluated by SPSS P value less than 0. In the control rats, MR-ir was distributed in the cytoplasm and nucleus Fig.

The change in MR-ir was more conspicuous than that in GR-ir. However, almost all of the neurons in the control rats expressed GR-ir in nucleus Fig.

Arrows showed that some neurons expressed GR-ir in nucleus and cytoplasm of E and F. Using western blotting we disclosed the presence of MR and GR in the hippocampal area.

Image upper panel and quantitative analysis result lower panel of MR and GR expression in the hippocampus of control and SPS rats using western blotting.

Moreover, we found that SPS induced different degrees of regulation in GR-ir distribution in the hippocampus by immunochemistry.

Hippocampal MR is involved in the maintenance of basal HPA activity throughout the circadian cycle by corticosterone.

Liberzon et al. The decrease in MR suggests that lower MR does not alter the increasing sensitivity to negative feedback, or alternatively, that MR plays a less prominent role in the feedback regulation [ 15 ].

On the other hand, MR carries a neuron-protective function in the hippocampus [ 2 ]. A decrease of hippocampal MR in PTSD could be responsible for the related clinical phenomena including increased startle-response, enhanced autonomic reactivity, hypervigilance, and increased anxiety.

On the other hand, hippocampal glucocorticoid receptors play central roles in glucorticoid negative feedback regulation. Various research groups have suggested that the overactivity of the HPA axis in depression may be due to an abnormality of the GR at the limbic-hippocampal level [ 10 , 21 ].

PTSD patients exhibit hypersensitive negative feedback and fortified dexamethasone negative feedback.

Decreased GR protein level in the present study was not suspected. There are two possibilities: 1 some of the activated corticosteroid receptors were not detected by the antibodies we used.

Low level of glucocorticoids might also induce the changes in the structures of MR and GR-protein. A previous study showed that the activation of MR or GR blocked adrenalectomy-induced cell death.

Moreover, strong immunoreactivity for MR and GR was found in postnatal 1 week rats [ 27 ]. The first week of life is characterized by a high degree of neuronal morphogenesis and cell migration, especially in the hippocampus [ 4 ].

We also found decreased neuronal numbers in the hippocampus after SPS data not shown , which suggested that decreased MR- and GR-ir may have induced hippocampal neuronal death in the SPS animals.

It is possible that there is a selection for roles of MR and GR in PTSD [ 15 ], and that they may induce the proliferative activity in hippocampal neurons to maintain the structure of hippocampus [ 12 ].

This could explain both normal hippocampus size and intact negative feedback in some PTSD patients. The hippocampus receives multimodal representations of stimulus information by CA1 pyramidal cells.

CA1 cells are especially affected following corticosterone administration [ 11 ]. In addition, the GR receptor is located mostly in the CA1-subregion of the hippocampus.

The balance in actions mediated by the two types of corticosteroid receptors in these neurons appears critical for neuronal excitability, stress responsibility, and behavioral adaptability [ 3 ].

Behavioral reactivity and extinction of avoidance conditioning are impaired in adrenalectomized animals, restored with low dose corticosterone replacement in MR activation and impaired with high dose replacement in both MR and GR activation [ 18 ].

MR closes to saturation with low basal concentrations of corticosterone, while high corticosterone concentrations during stress occupy both MRs and GRs.

Our data showed decreased ratio, with down-regulation MR and GR. The authors speculated that the changes might be associated with the changes in negative feedback [ 26 ].

The second is down-regulation of MR and unaltered GR [ 23 ]. The third is down-regulation of MR and up-regulation of GR [ 15 ]. The decreased MR suggests that the lower MR in the presence of the higher GR does not alter the increased sensitivity to negative feedback.

Well documented animal studies show apoptotic cell death and altered neurogenesis after adrenalectomy. Meanwhile, we also found a shift in GR distribution from nucleus to cytoplasm by immunohistochemistry in hippocampal CA1.

This would suggest that the affinity of glucocorticoid with GR declined, which could induce default of the neuronal growth and compromise the function of the hippocampus.

Although we did not measure the corticosterone concentration in the blood, we supposed that a change in GR distribution was relative to the corticosterone level.

Much evidence has accumulated to suggest that stress-related adrenal steroid hormones modulate brain and cognitive function, and may play a pivotal role in the enhancement or impairment of memory processes.

It is possible that corticosterone reduces the overall risks and symptoms of PTSD by inhibiting excessive retrieval of traumatic memories [ 24 ].

Furthermore, we have examined the colocalization of MR and GR in the hippocampus [ 5 ]. MR and GR form not only homodimers, but also heterodimers [ 16 , 20 ].

It is significant that MR-GR heterodimers plays an essential role in mediating response to corticosteroids in some tissues. In particular, receptor heterodimers may contribute to the biphasic excitatory response of hippocampal neurons to corticosterone [ 3 ].

In the present study, we only studied the changes in expression of both receptors after SPS. It is not known whether homodimers, heterodimers, or both caused the decreased expression of MR and GR.

These findings may be relevant for behavioral syndrome seen in PTSD and we hope to investigate these questions in further experiments.

We wish to thank all of the staff members in the China Medical University Experiment Center for their technical support. This research was supported by a grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Journal List Acta Histochem Cytochem v. Acta Histochem Cytochem. Published online Jul Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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